Monday, May 31, 2010

The Cowherd Prince: Book Three of the Aryavarta Chronicles

Govinda, son of Nanda, was never a simple cowherd.

But not in his wildest dreams did he imagine he was a Prince, and heir to the Surasena throne. Not till the King’s men came looking for him and his brother, Balabadra, leaving death and destruction in their wake.

Now, they only way to survive is to become one of those he has always despised. He must become one of those who rule – one of the elite groups of warriors and scholars who lord over Aryavarta.

And, he must learn to kill.


Tejas Subramaniam said...

Dear Miss Udayasankar,

When's the Cowherd Prince releasing?
I've read Govinda and Kaurava, eagerly waiting for Kurukshetra too. So, after that, the prequel?
Please don't take long for Kurukshetra, I'm a little out of breath.


Manish Bishwas said...

God know how many times have I read Govinda and kaurava in wait and anticipation of next book. I need a ray of hope(release date of kurukshetra or TCK) to maintain and continue. Anyone there?

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