Saturday, March 26, 2011

Firewright: Book Two of the Aryavarta Chronicles

Āryavarta - the Realm of the Noble. An Empire of Divine Order, where Gods and Kings walk side by side. The distinction between scientists and magicians is blurred; and few understand that scholar-sages, men and women of learning, are more than just the oracles of the Gods.

Far more.

For generations the Firstborn Dynasty of scholar-sages, descended from Vasishta Varuni, the eldest of Brahma the Creator’s sons, has dominated the Empire of Aryavarta. For just as long, the Angirasa family of Firewrights, weapon-makers to the Kings, have defied them. In the aftermath of their conflict, the Empire lies splintered into many tiny kingdoms, plagued by political intrigue and held together by fragile alliances.

One man dared to bring them together, to forge a new Empire and new destiny.

He failed.

Now, as Aryavarta hurtles inevitably towards a Great War, the greatest battle yet will be fought by one man - Govinda Shauri, Commander of the Armies of Dwaraka – for he must now face the darkness hidden within the very human soul to find the true meaning of being Arya. Of being noble.


Anonymous said...

I am checking this site twice a week to get teh date of release of the sequel to 'Govinda'. Has a date of release been finalised as yet.
I would be interested to get my hands on the book in the first week.

Krishna Udayasankar said...

Hi! Book Two is scheduled for release by September 2013. Thanks so much for your interest and support. BTW, you can stay updated via Facebook! and

Abhishek Gujarati said...

thanks for the release date!!! when will you start the small snippets n the previews n cover display n more of such details on the facebook page.? or is there any other link to go to??

Anonymous said...

The best book i have ever read!!!

Anonymous said...

thanks for release date iam eagerly waiting to get my hand on the book


what if the so called gods walked on our earth ???

earlier SHIVA tirolgy now aryavartha chronicles

bitan datta said...

this is september 2013,the later part of the month.when is the sequel coming out?

Krishna Udayasankar said...

Hi Bitan. The release date is Oct 5th :) Thanks for your support!

Anonymous said...

govinda is an amazing and scrumplicious book!!!! As a mythology buff i went mad over it!!

thearcher said...


Why not make them available as ebooks as well? Save a couple of trees in the process.

When are the 3rd and 4th ones scheduled for release?

I am surprised the series has not been much publicized in the US.

Krishna Udayasankar said...

Hi "anonymous". Thanks so much. Hope you enjoy Kaurava and Kurukshetra too!

Krishna Udayasankar said...

Hi "thearcher". They are available as e-books! Check out amazon/flipkart. The series is currently not available in the US, which explains the lack of publicity… :) As for Book 3, it should be out later this year, and Book 4 by next year. Thanks so much for your support.

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