Monday, May 31, 2010

Govinda: Book One of the Aryavarta Chronicles

When the last Secret Keeper of the Firewrights dies, Aryavarta faces a threat that even the Gods cannot save it from. Now, the Vyasa, Keeper of Records and head of the Firstborn, sets into motion a series of events to place the royal clan of the Kurus on the Imperial throne. Many secret ambitions, and hidden dreams of vengeance will rise and fall as Aryavarta becomes a puppet in the Vyasa’s hands.

Many shall betray and be betrayed, seduced by beauty, and by promises of knowledge and power. Others will be forsaken, sacrificed in the name of greater good. As a complex net of intrigue falls over the royal dynasties of Aryavarta, brother turns against brother, and father against son.

Knowledge is now the ultimate power, and the ultimate prize that the Empire’s monarchs and scholars will conspire and kill for; as Govinda Shauri, Commander of the Armies of Dwaraka, knows only too well. Against this great tapestry of power, greed, and revenge, Govinda must now choose – between reason and passion. Between Aryavarta and those he loves the most.

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