Monday, May 31, 2010

What is Aryavarta?

Aryavarta, quite literally, means the land of the Arya, or noble. As far as the chronicles are concerned, the name Āryavarta - the Realm of the Noble, reflects much of the ethos of those times - It's an Empire driven by the notion of Divine Order, where Gods and Kings walk side by side. The distinction between scientists and magicians is blurred; and few understand that scholar-sages, men and women of learning, are more than just the oracles of the Gods.

Far more.

For generations the Firstborn Dynasty of scholar-sages, descended from Vasishta Varuni, the eldest of Brahma the Creator’s sons, has dominated the Empire of Aryavarta. For just as long, the Angirasa family of Firewrights, weapon-makers to the Kings, have defied them. In the aftermath of their conflict, the Empire lies splintered into many tiny kingdoms, plagued by political intrigue and held together by fragile alliances.

In these times, Knowledge is the ultimate power, and Nobility is the ultimate prize. One worth killing for.


dan said...

I just brought your book looking forward to it

Krishna Udayasankar said...

Thanks Dan. Hope you enjoy it!

kingbelzubeb said...

read it,great perspective ,but you are trying hard to break mould of heroes, liked the friendship between shikandin ,and govinda,but what was the reason to keep pandavas in back,
history is written by victors,understood but some credit must be there.
waiting for part 2

Krishna Udayasankar said...

Hi Kingbezelbub. Thanks, am glad you enjoyed. I personally loved writing the bits about Shikandin and Govinda's friendship! You will see a lot more Dharma and his brothers in book 2, so I hope you enjoy that too!

Rajeev Rajapur said...

Read the book. But some of the important characters like Shakuni, Dron and Karn do not have more than a mention. Also the growing up days of the princes also is missing. Would it come up in the second part? However a great book. Its written really well. Kudos.

Rajeev Rajapur said...

Hi, Enjoying your book. There is not more than a mention about some of the main characters like Shakuni and Dron in this part. Some of the aspects are totally different like Panchali having married only to Dharma and not the rest of the brothers. However I liked the concept. Also, showing Vyasa in a negative shade is a little of a shocker. However, its a great book. You have a skill in writing.

Krishna Udayasankar said...

Hi Rajeev, thanks for your comments. My attempt has been to tell the story of the times, than of any one character (of course, I guess Govinda and Panchali end up taking centre-stage). You will see more of characters like Shakuni and Dron in book 2. Also, Govinda's childhood (actually his youth) is pretty much the focus of the prequels. Hope you enjoy all the books in the series! :)

Venky Raghunathan said...

I am about to finish the book and it is incredible. Can't wait for the 2nd book. Let me know when you are likely to release the 2nd book. Thanks.

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