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Mahabharata Quiz

Something a little less narrative, and a little more fun, for a change. Here's the first Mahabharata Quiz that I've compiled, for your pleasure. Maximum correct answers is promised a free copy of 'Govinda'.

Please leave your answers in the comments section, and I'll certainly get back to you!

Take the Mahabharata Quiz now!
So you think you know your Mahabharata? Take this quiz to find out how well up you are on your epic lore; or discover some little-known nuggets. Either way, prepare to be surprised and entertained!
Q1. The three Kashi princesses: Amba, Ambalika and Ambika were won as brides for which King?
a) Chitrangada
b) Vichitraveerya
c) Chitrasena
d) Devavrata
e) Vichitrangada

Q2. Asvattama, son of Dron, was King of ....?

a) Mathura
b) Magadha
c) Pancala
d) Kuru
e) Nowhere. He was just a scholar-sage

Q3. What was Queen Kunti's real name?
a) Pragjya
b) Partha
c) Prishata
d) Prithvi
e) Pritha

Q4. How many divisions or "akshauhini" are involved in the Great War?

a) 109
b) 18
c) 11
d) 7
e) 108

Q5. In which Kingdom was Vasusena, known commonly as Karna, born?

a) Magadha
b) Bhojaka
c) Anga
d) Pancala
e) Kuru

Q6. According to the MbH, Sugreeva is the name of

a) A woman
b) A monkey
c) A king
d) A horse
e) A gorilla

Q7. How are the two famed teachers Acarya Dron and Acarya Kripa related to each other?

a) Kripa is married to Dron's sister
b) They are just good friends
c) Dron is married to Kripa's sister
d) They are both fellow students of the same teacher
e) Kripa is married to Dron's daughter

Q8. What is the Veda Vyasa's real name?

a) Parashara
b) Govinda
c) Dwaipayana
d) Sukadeva
e) Gautama

Q9. Prince Syoddhan, (commonly known as Duryodhana) had how many wives?

a) Sixteen
b) One hundred
c) One
d) Two
e) Three

Q10. Whom does Syoddhan (Duryodhana) install as the last commander-in-chief, on his side?

a) Kripa
b) Shalya
c) Dussasana
d) Sanjaya
e) Asvattama

Q11. When Devavrata took his solemn oath of celibacy, he was given the title "Bhisma." What does Bhisma mean?

a) Grandfather or Eldest
b) A bachelor
c) Someone who hates women
d) An old man
e) Someone who makes a difficult promise

Q12. Who is Vrishasena?

a) Karna's son
b) Karna's father
c) Syoddhan (Duryodhan)'s son
d) Dharma Yudhistir's son
e) Dussasana's son


Aboli said...

Q1. Ans: b. Vichitraveerya
Q2. Ans: e. Nowhere, he was just a scholar-sage
Q3. Ans: e. Pritha
Q4. Ans: b. 18
Q5. Ans: c. Anga
Q6. Ans: d. A horse
Q7. Ans: c. Dron is married to Kripa's sister
Q8. Ans: c. Dwaipanaya
Q9. Ans: c. One
Q10. Ans: e. Asvattama
Q11. Ans: e. Someone who makes a difficult promise
Q12. Ans: a. Karna's son

Hope I got it right!! ^_^

Krishna Udayasankar said...

Hey Aboli!

Well don. All but two right, but those were trick questions! Check out a subsequent post for the answers and explanations, and thanks for visiting my blog. :-)

Anonymous said...

1. Vichitraveerya
2. Nowhere. He was just a scholar-sage
3. Pritha
4. 18
5. Bhojaka
6. A horse
7. Dron is married to Kripa's sister
8. Dwaipayana
9. Sixteen
10. Asvattama
11. Someone who makes a difficult promise
12. Karna's son

Tejas said...

I'm Tejas, and I'm 12 years old. These are my answers.
1. Vichitraveerya
2. Pancala (specifically Northern Panchala)
3. Pritha
4. 18 akshauhinis
5. Bhojaka, where Pritha lived with Kuntibhoja
6. A horse of Govinda's (Krishna Vaasudeva's)
7. Dron is married to Kripi, Kripa's sister
8. Dwaipayana
9 Syoddhan has one wife, Bhanumati
10. Asvattama, during the night raid, after the proper war
11. Someone who makes a difficult promise, derived from Bhisa, 'difficult'
12. One of Karna's sons, killed by Arjuna

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