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Mahabharata Quiz -II

As requested by many of you, here’s the second Mahabharata Quiz. The answers will follow (in due course), but if you find can’t bear to wait, do email me with your answers, or post a comment here… All the best, and enjoy!

Q1. Of the five sons of Pandu – the Pandava brothers – Nakul was famous as:

a) The most intelligent of the five
b) The best-looking one
c) The most cowardly of the five
d) The best singer
e) The tallest one

Q2. Matsyagandhi is another name for which of these royal ladies:

a) Subadhra
b) Pancali
c) Kunti
d) Sudeshna
e) Satyavati

Q3. Shikandin, Prince of Pancala had a son named:

a) Yuyudhana
b) Yudhamanyu
c) Yaudheya
d) Yuyutsu
e) He had no son at all

Q4. Mathura was the capital of which Kingdom during the times of the Mahabharata?

a) Kuru
b) Magadha
c) Dwaraka
d) Anartta
e) Surasena

Q5. Who in the Mahabharata was known by the epithet ‘wolf-bellied’?

a) Bhim
b) Syoddhan (Duryodhana)
c) Dussasana
d) Bakasura
e) Narakasura

Q6. What assumed name did Pancali go under, during her period of exile/hiding in the Kingdom of Matsya?

a) Sairandhari
b) Satyavati
c) Sudeshna
d) Malini
e) Mohini

Q7. What is the name given to Govinda Shauri’s sword?

a) Sudharshan
b) Nanda
c) Kaumoda
d) Nandaki
e) Chakra

Q8. Partha is often referred to in the Mahabharata by the term ‘Savyasachin’. What does this word mean?

a) Good-looking
b) Conqueror of All
c) A good friend
d) Ambidextrous
e) Someone who can shoot in the dark

Q9. Govinda and Partha often refer to each other as ‘cousins’. This is because

a) They are descended from the same ancestor, Yayati
b) Partha’s mother is actually Govinda’s aunt
c) Govinda and Partha are brothers-in-law
d) It is a term of endearment and closeness
e) They are just being polite

Q10. In the Mahabharata, who kills Ekalavya?

a) Dron
b) Asvattama
c) Partha
d) Abhimanyu
e) Govinda

Happy Quizzing!

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Tejas said...

Dear Mrs Udayasankar, I'm Tejas, a 12-year-old, and I'm a big fan of the Mahabharata. Therefore, I'm answering the questions.
1. The best looking of the five
2. Satyavati
3. He had no son at all, though according to the Chronicles, his brothers Yudhamanyu and Uttamajaus are depicted as his sons
4. Surasena
5. Bhim Vrikodara - Vrikodara means 'wolf bellied'
6. Panchali was a sairandhari, a servant, and according to most versions, she was just called 'sairandhari', though being called 'Malini' in Kaurava
7. Nandaki, or Nandaka
8. Ambidextrous
9. Partha's mother, Pritha Kunti, is biologically the sister of Shura Vasudeva, Govinda's father, and thus is Govinda's aunt
10. Govinda kills Ekalavya as he succeeds his father in becoming General of Jarasandha's armies

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