Friday, October 29, 2010

A Long Overdue Post

I begin by confessing that my lack of activity has been far from intentional – between the demands of reality (read: day-job), and the lure of working on The Cowherd Prince – I’ve had little time to post on the blog. But, as Govinda Shauri is often known to say: ‘In the scheme of the Eternal Universe, there are no coincidences.’
Such has been the unexpected honour bestowed on me during the past month’s electronic silence – I’ve been overwhelmed by the inquiries, and even the occasional scolding, that have, for the first time, shown me that Aryavarta is familiar to many more people than I had realised.

It is; I think, a credit to Mr. K.D. Vyasa, and his cast of immaculate characters – none more memorable that Govinda Shauri himself. And I see no better way to make up to those of you who messaged, emailed, called or Facebooked to ask when the book was coming out, or failing that, when the next post would be up. As thanks for all your kind wishes, I present in the next post a small extract from ‘Govinda’.

This one is especially for Ms. Priya Rao – You see, for a writer, there is perhaps nothing so wonderfully affirming or delightful, than to be asked to write.

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