Monday, November 22, 2010

Sanskrit Word of the Week (WoW)

Mahamatra: (muh-haah-maa-thruh): A great lady; the wife of a prime minister; a woman of high royal rank.


'I'm a Queen, a Princess of the Empire. My own personal wishes mean little in the larger scheme of things. '
'An individual, for a Kingdom…' Govinda instinctively spat out.
'Yes. And a kingdom for an empire. Though, I shall confess, your venom surprises me. Actually, it both surprises and delights me. You see, venom is the beginning of great passion, and great strength. Keep that in mind, as you think over my offer. I'll wait for your decision.'
Govinda breathed deep. 'You can have my decision now.'
'Mahamatra, you and your sister may leave for Magadha as soon as you wish.'

(The Cowherd Prince, Ch. 33.)

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